Strategic color selections can help create walkways or pathways to guide desired pedestrian traffic flows. Or it can simply compliment and beautify a high visibility area around public buildings, stadiums, parks, business complexes, resorts, etc. These high-performance colorized pavement coatings offer tinting in an unlimited spectrum of colors including bright, vibrant and visible colors that last on asphalt and concrete pavements.

You can choose from a variety of shades and hues that fit your environment and brand:

Traditional Colors
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Traditional Colors are warm, earth tone, and neutral colors designed to enhance the aesthetics of a public space long-term. These colors are commonly used in community areas, universities, public buildings, crosswalks, plazas, and in decorative streetscape designs. The Traditional Colors family provides more subtle and flexible colors that go well together in any pavement coatings project.

Solar-Reflective Colors

Solar-Reflective Colors use special technology designed to cool high-traffic areas without limiting color choices to white or light colors. Solar-Reflective Colors reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect and the temperature of asphalt surfaces while resisting UV damage and degradation of asphalt to create a more comfortable environment. These colors are typically used in pedestrian and vehicular high-traffic areas such as parks, schools, playgrounds, and non-covered areas that experience direct sunlight.

Cycle Lane Colors

Cycle Lane Colors are bold, highly reflective colors that are designed to delineate public cycle lanes and intersections, helping to keep cyclists safe and reinforce priority to bicyclists by visually alerting drivers to the presence of a cycle lane. Cycle Lane Colors are also used in the coating of off-street jogging/cycle paths, bus lanes, school zones, and parking lot markings.

Specialty Colors

Signature Colors transform the look and feel of a community by providing a custom palette that is designed for achieving a differentiated look. These are non-stocked custom colors used in public areas such as decorative streetscapes, parks, plazas, sports courts, civic centers, and playgrounds to direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow.

Why choose Creative?

Our solutions are formulated and manufactured by tenured craftsmen in coating design and placement. You can depend on us for quality decorative and protective systems. The pure quality of our seamless coatings gives peace of mind and long term results to any project regardless of how simple or complex.


DecoCoat Polymer Systems possesses a distinct edge in progressive, up to date information in concrete and asphalt science, polymer formulation, and the resulting applications. Take great comfort when experience counts, DecoCoat develops coating systems fit for your needs.

Quality Experience

Every type of surface presents unique challenges. Substrate management is the heart and backbone of every successful DecoCoat system. Our entire team places a high priority on proper testing, evaluation, and appropriate corrections to the diverse surfaces we encounter.


The importance of the “good bones” of any surface – concrete or asphalt – is our secret to success for your project. Thorough inspections are an integral and essential step to accurate systems applications. Neglect and/or shortcuts in substrate management create vulnerabilities to a resin coating system effectiveness if overlooked or done incorrectly.

Substrate Management

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. Our products are engineered to deliver long term protective solutions that withstand exposure to traffic and the environment your surface endures. Quality standards and perfect specifications are found in each layer of the system.


DecoCoat Polymer Systems has a specific products for nearly every application from reliable hard-working industrial flooring surfaces to playful, entertaining environments accentuating the senses. Only one durable approach provides long term solutions, and that’s products built just for your environment.

Product Integrity

With 25 years’ experience in design consultation for residential, commercial, and municipal projects, we work closely with your team to design a custom solution for your project. You can expect the most intricate designs for the most sensitive environments. Our field staff talent guides both the designer and the contractor from concept to execution.


Whether it is a corporate design in retail environments, or specific applications in industrial flooring, or decorative flooring or pavement, our diversified expertise can help you bring your ideas to life. Our forte is project management and planning to integrate your coatings into a full design scheme and ensure impressive detail.

Design Consultation