Jeff Velazquez, J2 Engineering & Environmental Design

Jeff Gunderson, Ryland Homes

"There have been many building professionals who have commented on the custom designs and elegant look, especially at Sossaman Estates. Many have asked how we made the "concrete" look like that. There were very surprised to discover that is was actually stamped asphalt." - Jeff Gunderson, Ryland Homes

Robert Flaherty, Toll Brothers

"I can't tell you the number of people who complimented the look of the street and then ask me, ‘Who installed the pavers' or ‘what type of brick did you use?'. I always enjoy their response when I tell them that the street is stamped asphalt and then explain the process." - Robert Flaherty, Toll Brothers

Lonnie Frost, Town of Gilbert

"The Down Town Gilbert Road Project turning out exceptionally well. It has beautified The Heritage District and we continually get compliments." - Lonnie Frost, Town of Gilbert

Todd Schneider, Pulte Homes

"We were impressed from the very beginning with your proactive approach to the design and attention to details. We were equally impressed during the construction phase, as your crew worked in a clean, timely and professional manner without any disturbance to our sales efforts." - Todd Schneider, Pulte Homes

Siena Development

We're very pleased to have great relationships with our client. We know that commitment to service, trust in a handshake and friendship are integral parts of any great team and we look to our clients not only as our business associates, but rather our greatest marketers. We're proud to share a few select comments - “There are very few contractors I meet that have the passion, work ethic, vision and the ability to create such a beautiful product.”

Why choose Creative?

Our solutions are formulated and manufactured by tenured craftsmen in coating design and placement. You can depend on us for quality decorative and protective systems. The pure quality of our seamless coatings gives peace of mind and long term results to any project regardless of how simple or complex.


DecoCoat Polymer Systems possesses a distinct edge in progressive, up to date information in concrete and asphalt science, polymer formulation, and the resulting applications. Take great comfort when experience counts, DecoCoat develops coating systems fit for your needs.

Quality Experience

Every type of surface presents unique challenges. Substrate management is the heart and backbone of every successful DecoCoat system. Our entire team places a high priority on proper testing, evaluation, and appropriate corrections to the diverse surfaces we encounter.


The importance of the “good bones” of any surface – concrete or asphalt – is our secret to success for your project. Thorough inspections are an integral and essential step to accurate systems applications. Neglect and/or shortcuts in substrate management create vulnerabilities to a resin coating system effectiveness if overlooked or done incorrectly.

Substrate Management

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. Our products are engineered to deliver long term protective solutions that withstand exposure to traffic and the environment your surface endures. Quality standards and perfect specifications are found in each layer of the system.


DecoCoat Polymer Systems has a specific products for nearly every application from reliable hard-working industrial flooring surfaces to playful, entertaining environments accentuating the senses. Only one durable approach provides long term solutions, and that’s products built just for your environment.

Product Integrity

With 25 years’ experience in design consultation for residential, commercial, and municipal projects, we work closely with your team to design a custom solution for your project. You can expect the most intricate designs for the most sensitive environments. Our field staff talent guides both the designer and the contractor from concept to execution.


Whether it is a corporate design in retail environments, or specific applications in industrial flooring, or decorative flooring or pavement, our diversified expertise can help you bring your ideas to life. Our forte is project management and planning to integrate your coatings into a full design scheme and ensure impressive detail.

Design Consultation