Hadar Rahav


As the creative and technical maven at Creative Paving Solutions, Hadar Rahav is the front man, the one who can help you plan your next paving project.

Having been in decorative paving for over 20 years, Hadar was one of the first to introduce these types of services to local Arizona businesses looking for affordable and creative solutions for their projects. When asked about which projects have been his favorites, it’s the work they have done in downtown Gilbert, the City of Scottsdale (Soleri Bridge) and Tucson.

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Part of the passion of being in this business for Hadar is helping his clients – saving them time and money. But what he enjoys the most are the lasting relationships. He believes in “treating people the way you want to be treated”, so when people call, he answers. When they email, he replies. Hadar’s own personal motto is always under promise and over deliver.


Outside of work, Hadar spends most of his time with his family. He also loves traveling, especially returning to Israel to vist with friends and family.

Joe Gavin 


Joe Gavin is a 30+ year Arizona resident and ASU graduate. He is the financial and strategic professional of Creative Paving Solutions.

Joe is proud to be a partner of CPS because the company offers such excellent products and outstanding customer service. He points out the lack of warranty claims or registered contractor complaints as proof they are doing business correctly.

When asked about his favorite projects, Joe counts their work Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix and Gilbert, which includes an intersection complete with crosswalks, medians and beautifully designed custom logos

Before joining Creative Paving Solutions, Joe worked for an aerospace and ground-vehicle restraint company. Joe takes pride in customer relationships and knows that listening… really listening…to customers is key in providing solutions that meet their requirements.


Joe loves spending time with his family and counts golf and vacations in Rocky Point or San Diego as some of his favorite activities outside of work.

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